…”And God saw that Leah was hated”…(Gen 29:31) A Midrash- Song with a happy end for this story. By Zvika Pick and Ehud Manor


That very morning I won’t forget
when you hid your head in the pillow
the sunlight rested on the tent
and my head was beaten by drunkenness.When I whispered her name in your ear you grabbed my hands in your cold hand and one warm tear fell into my palms.

Behold, many days passed and my hands grew tired, and how beautiful your eyes have become – like Rachel’s eyes. I love you Leah! I love you proud. If I forget you Leah, my name is not Israel!
May your heart not grow bitter over your sister. Why, your sons sit by your side, don’t turn your look away, woman, all my dreams are near.
What is your request? Oh say Leah! The seven years passed long ago. A single moment is left before the garden closes. 
Behold, many days passed…

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