Asking to See More Clearly/ Elul thoughts 3

people-314481_640 (1)
Life without Teshuva is like being condemned to dwell in Plato’s allegorical Cave…
It is to perceive the world under a mechanism that makes me believe that the shadows and echoes projected on the wall of my ego they are the reality.
The month of Elul reminds me that sometimes all I can see is that wall; reflections but not real objects. I ask for the courage to recognize that there might be areas of my life in which I sit in the shadow.
Teshuva is the tool I use to light these dark areas, to see life more clearly and to go beyond the limits of my very small cave. Sometimes there is light, everything looks so clear and it feels wonderful!
And I would like to think that the cave is behind me and I have left forever.
But then I see a shadow and I try to ignore it, and another, Ignore it! and another one…
I realize this isn’t a one-time action, and I live in-between.
But I love those moments outside, I feel closer to a better version of myself and there resides the strength to leave the cave countless times and to return again and again to the land of my soul.

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