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Shabbat Hagadol: Playing The Game Of The Theology Of Change

Everything Changes, Take a Risk and Live! This Shabbat is called “Shabbat Hagadol” – the great Shabbat. It is the last one before Passover and it the one in which the Rabbis stand before their congregations and public and teach them (or revise) the laws and conducts related to the celebration. The list of things that the celebration of Pesach

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Abundance of Joy… Not Really So Easy: A Reflection For Purim

What’s Between Balance, Joy and Purim?   Purim‘s celebration is something that I never could truly connect to, aside from the beautiful Mitzvot (precepts) of Mishloach manot (sending your typcial home dishes) and matanot l’evionim (presents for the poor) which I really take seriously, all the rest feels forced to me….   Drink until you can’t distinguish between Mordechai (the good

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Tu B’Shvat , Maria Elena Walsh y una hermosa cancion! Que parece que hubiese sido escrita a medida!

Cual es la escencia de Tu’Bshvat segun los Jasidim!? La nostalgia por la tierra de Israel! Tu B’shvat es tambien un simbolo del movimiento Sionista recordando los tiempos en los que trabajabamos la tierra y construiamos un pais ……. Y Que dice Maria Elena Walsh? “Cuando voy a dormir cierro los ojos y sueno con el olor de un pais florecido para mi!”  Jag Sameach

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