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Abundance of Joy… Not Really So Easy: A Reflection For Purim

What’s Between Balance, Joy and Purim?   Purim‘s celebration is something that I never could truly connect to, aside from the beautiful Mitzvot (precepts) of Mishloach manot (sending your typcial home dishes) and matanot l’evionim (presents for the poor) which I really take seriously, all the rest feels forced to me….   Drink until you can’t distinguish between Mordechai (the good

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The Key For The Upcoming Elections: Parashat Mishpatim

  If you want to learn the essence of Judaism according to the Torah don’t miss Parashat Mishpatim! In general terms we can conclude that the 10 commandments (that we just read last week) are the expression or the attempt to create a universal order. But this week we walk into a higher resolution; suddenly the picture has thousands of

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G-dcast Does it again! A Beautiful cartoon story about Tu B’Shvat

What are you doing for the next generations? A Tale for Tu B’shvat Tu B’shvat is the Jewish birthday of the trees. Straight from the Talmud (the living encyclopedia of Jewish law), G‑dcast brings you two stories about Honi the Circle Maker! Now get out there and hug a tree. SOURCE TEXT : Mishna Taanit 3:8 Talmud Taanit 23a

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The Secret for the Deepest Connection: Just Be There! – Parashat Beshalach

      Moses and the Children of Israel have just come out of one of the most bizarre events in their lives. On the one hand, they experienced extreme fear being chased by the Egyptian army, one of the strongest armies in the world, and on the other hand they faced the dramatic miracle of the splitting of the Red

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Faith in Man: Our answer to the lack of humanity “Then my people too will flourish And a generation shall arise In the land, shake off its chains And see light in every eye”.

  International Holocaust Remembrance Day I Believe Shaul Tchernichovsky Rejoice, rejoice now in the dreams I the dreamer am he who speaks Rejoice, for I’ll have faith in mankind For in mankind I believe. For my soul still yearns for freedom I’ve not sold it to a calf of gold For I shall yet have faith in mankind In its

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