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When Disney draws the Torah portion for you!

What do you think when you see these images? Sometimes we struggle to understand why to remove from our Seder Cup (Passover dinner) a drop of wine for each plague….Chaza’l our sages explain that one cannot be completely joyous when some of God’s creatures had to suffer.  We see the following images of destruction and pain and remain wondering  If only

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Time to turn on the lights and “like” PoveSham, Chag Sameach!

Po Ve Sham – Here and There  “But if you seek the Lord your God from there, you will find Him” (Deut. 4:29) Each one of us, out of his own position, seeks a life with meaning, with layers of depth and sacredness. Judaism deals with making meaning available, it provides us with sort of “binoculars” through which we can look

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