Nico – Musical Interactions

Dear friends in Temple Beth Tikvah,

This compilation was created in order to give you a sense of the way I use music to interact and to connect culturally and spiritually with people in different situations and places.

None of the below was recorded professionally. Please follow the text in order to understand a bit better why each of the videos is here…


Minyan and anecdote… I have been leading the “Minyan Circle” of United Hebrew Congregation in Singapore for the last 7 months. A few weeks ago for the first time a considerable group of young professionals who started to approach the congregation decided to come. However this takes place in private houses, the person in charge of bringing the books forgot them and we could do nothing to resolve that!


Here you can see two videos of the “Shchunya” – the congregation that I founded and which I directed musically (including the participation of the musicians). In the first video you can hear “Shiru L’Adonai” with Carlebach melody and in the second “Zamru L’Adonai”  with the melody of the Israeli singer Shlomo Gronich and some special arrangements made by me. Being filmed from the back, you will find it difficult to see me but for sure you will hear me (sorry for the low sound quality)

Shiru L’Adonai

Zamru L’Adonai


This the video-clip of a big Kabalat Shabbat organized by Beit Tefilah Israeli for the network of non-affiliated congregations in TLV Israel, here I am leading with some other friend Rabbis .


Here I am leading a Shabbat service during the social demonstration in the summer of 2011 in Israel; in the video we are singing a secular Israeli song.


I was out of home for a few days during Chanukkah (visiting the congregation in Bangkok) and prepared some surprises to accompany my kids when they light the candles. Here you can see my wife Noga and me in a real home-made piece!


The following is an introduction video for our project in Afula israel, led by my founding partner in the Shchunya Rabbi Kobbi Weiss. Our team was hired as a part of a project of Jewish identity to custom-fit a Kabalt Shabbat for them.


My Friend Cantor Andrea Rae Markowicz asked me to participate in her presentation cd; you can hear me playing the guitar in Dan Nichols Mi camocha.


Some additional information:

I have participated in many seminaries of Jewish music, as well as taught Nigunnim workshops. I participated in a 2-year course for Jewish music teachers in the field of non-formal education and I was song-leader in many camps throughout the years.

Please feel free to check here to see several examples where I chose to use Israeli or Jewish music in dealing with various issues.

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