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A kind reminder of parashat “Vayetze” in days of hopelessness for Israel – Certainly God is in this place and I didn’t know it! (Gen 28:16) some music to inspire our souls – Mush Ben Ary “Jah is one” -” Elohim Echad”

Jah is one (English translation follows)   Music: Mosh Ben Ari Words: Mosh Ben Ari   The day opens, I open my heart A minute comes, clears out the pain How beautiful life is Let’s for a minute get together and be brothers   He we are human beings Addicted to the illusion That if somebody else is different from you

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The energies and the peace to step into Shabbat after a hard week in Israel

Carlebach Melodies at a Kobi Oz performance “You hallowed it as the most precious of days, drawing our attention to the work of Creation”.(From the Shabbat prayer)     Carlebach Melodies (again) at a Mika Karni performance “Let there be peace in your stronghold serenity in your palace” (Psalms 122)  

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