Remember- Never Again!

Since yesterday our hearts are filled with pain.

We are crying for our brothers, it is not them, it’s us.14446018371_48759dd907_z (1)
The images of Jews who were assassinated while praying, the Tallitot soaked with blood, the bodies of the children of Israel taken out of the synagogue with the Tefillin still in their arms…
Similar images we had in our minds and vowed never to see again when we started building our country!
Today, confronting this terrible deed, we are all summoned to do Teshuvah and to ask ourselves why we are so far from our dream.
Our martyrs couldn’t complete the Tefilat Amidah, they were in the middle of this part of the prayer when the attacker stepped in.
The last blessing of the Amidah is Birkat Hashalom – the blessing for peace, asking for peace and affirming our belief in peace.
Today, in front of the horror, we mustn’t allow terror to interrupt our prayer. We mustn’t lose our two-thousand-year-old hope to be a free People in our land, the land of Zion and Jerusalem.
May it be God’s will that we shall have no more sorrow


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