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Seeking a path in the Wilderness between Jerusalem and Gaza

This week we read Parashat Bamidbar.  Bamidbar is the first Torah portion and the name of the 4th book of the Torah.  Bamidbar literally means in the wilderness, however its English name is The  Book of Numbers. These two names are almost opposite sides of the same coin. Bamidbar, the wilderness, is the symbol of transition and confusion and on

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When Disney draws the Torah portion for you!

What do you think when you see these images? Sometimes we struggle to understand why to remove from our Seder Cup (Passover dinner) a drop of wine for each plague….Chaza’l our sages explain that one cannot be completely joyous when some of God’s creatures had to suffer.  We see the following images of destruction and pain and remain wondering  If only

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A kind reminder of parashat “Vayetze” in days of hopelessness for Israel – Certainly God is in this place and I didn’t know it! (Gen 28:16) some music to inspire our souls – Mush Ben Ary “Jah is one” -” Elohim Echad”

Jah is one (English translation follows)   Music: Mosh Ben Ari Words: Mosh Ben Ari   The day opens, I open my heart A minute comes, clears out the pain How beautiful life is Let’s for a minute get together and be brothers   He we are human beings Addicted to the illusion That if somebody else is different from you

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