My Diet and My Golden Calf

EatAnxious? Let’s get some Calories!

And here we are! In the middle of the desert, no too much water, no too much food , it is hot and of course hard! But the main problem is that Moshe disappeared for a while. Actually, this was for a bit too long, perhaps Moshe and God didn’t have so much tact…
Moshe’s absence in a way symbolizes the disconnection of the vision, ‘Am Israel (the People of Israel) wasn’t ready at this point to visualize themselves as transcendent, they couldn’t understand the meaning of the discipline required in order to make this great change in life.
Then as a group but also each of them as individuals, they made the golden calf; they used their old patterns to deal with a new challenge….. And the price was not getting to take a part in the promised land, they died in the desert.
This is the story of many human beings, or at least mine, trying to achieve goals, dealing with the efforts required to get them and falling once and once again.
We struggle with the concept of delayed gratification which is basic in order to be invested in a project and to understand the times that processes takes.
There is a nice quotation (attributed to Confucius) which says  “When the wise man points at the moon, the idiot looks at the finger”
I have to confess that I am that idiot many time in my life! I succeed many times to visualize the moon, which means my goals , my profound desires, and I have started processes many times in life and then for different reasons I focused on the wrong thing and I looked at the finger and failed!
In my case the finger is unhealthy food or just big quantities of food; and the moon, the promised land, is losing 20 kg (about 44 pounds) in order to have a healthier and (hopefully) longer life!
Parashat ki tisah is a calling to our persistence and diligence; it is a reminder of the power of faith,you have to believe “in” if you want to make it happen.
I don’t  want to be the guy with the good intentions who stayed in the desert , I want to be the one who “kovesh et itzro” conquers his instinct , doesn’t  fail in old patterns and walks determined toward his deserved promised land.
I want to be the one who believes….
What about you!?
Shabbat Shalom

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