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Death, Birth & The Secret Of Life: Impurity! Tazria- Metzorah

Yeshayahu Leibowitz explains that the reason to couple the Torah portions of Tazri’a and Metzora (Leviticus 12:1-15:33) in the Jewish communal reading of the Torah is that they both deal with biology of Man, with the biological filth of human existence. A central element in both portions is impurity. A woman who gave birth is considered impure for a period of

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Shabbat Hagadol: Playing The Game Of The Theology Of Change

Everything Changes, Take a Risk and Live! This Shabbat is called “Shabbat Hagadol” – the great Shabbat. It is the last one before Passover and it the one in which the Rabbis stand before their congregations and public and teach them (or revise) the laws and conducts related to the celebration. The list of things that the celebration of Pesach

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A call to Activism: Parashat Pekudei

  (this portion belongs to last week’s reading, my apologies for the late publishing) During the last parashot the Torah has been talking about the Mishkan (Tabernacle) building. Materials, sizes, locations and specifications were mentioned. I even compared these instructions with an Ikea manual, considering the substantial difference – Ikea doesn’t instruct with which mindset you’re supposed to assemble your stuff and when

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Parashat Vaieji – Tiempo de despedia…. Y Bienvenida!

Y multiplicaré tu descendencia como las estrellas en el firmamento! Queres saber como se hizo posible? Lee sobre la transicion de sociedad patriarcal a pueblo. Y hubo un día en el que las cosas cambiaron. Detrás quedaron los tiempos en los que creímos que la bendición era solo para uno de  nuestros niños. No echamos más chicos de la casa  y empezamos

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Va’yechi Time to Say Goodbye But Even More to Say Welcome!

“I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky” Would you like to know how it really happened!?  Read Parashat Vayechi, last in the book of Genesis and learn about our transformation from a Patriarchal society into the People of Israel.     There came a time when things changed. Behind were the days when we believed that the

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